Ipswich, let’s talk about local news.

Local news is the backbone of our communities. The heartbeat that keeps us connected and informed. It’s a window into what’s happening in our towns, the stories of our neighbours, and the events that shape our lives.

But lately, it feels like the lines have become blurred.

Clickbait has drowned out authentic voices. Sensational headlines have replaced newsworthy stories. And news that matters is sidelined for whatever can get the most clicks.

Now, visiting your local news site feels more like dodging ads and pop-ups and less like getting informed about what’s important.

Yet, the essence of local news is still out there. It’s the backdrop to our daily lives, from discussions at local cafes and markets, to community meetings where we voice our hopes, dreams, and concerns. It just needs a home.

Enter Anglia News.

Anglia News is our commitment to bring back the soul of local journalism. It’s our mission to dive deep into the stories that matter, to bring you trustworthy, independent, and meaningful journalism. It’s about understanding today to shape a better tomorrow.

We’re a small group of local people, just like you. We’re parents, journalists, sports fans, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, members of this community.

Anglia News is our pledge to Ipswich and its residents. It’s our promise to serve you the news as it should be.

Anglia News is coming soon. Join us in reshaping local news, and discover the stories that matter to you, your family, and your community.

Oliver and Ash
Founders, Anglia News

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